Monday, September 8, 2008


I am having a REALLY bad day and had to vent!!!

Ok, so i started the day 40 minutes early when dh forgot to turn off his alarm when he got up. God into a fight with dh about an entirely different issue before he went to work. Kids giving me a hard time about doing anything they saw as "hard". Gave them the "if you were in public school..." lecture. Obsessed about how a certain beautiful person gets whatever her heart desires and more when some of us are stuck with constant drudgery, and its NO FAIR. OH so then after the rampage i was DETERMINED my slacker children were going to get started on their math. But of course, CAN'T FIND the dvd.. I DID however, find the dvd Stop loss, which i didn't realize i hadn't returned to blockbuster which i think TODAY is the point i get charged for it.. so FINE, hopped in the van with Chloe who likes to tag along, stepped on the qfc reciept on the floor, which reminded me, CRAP, i went there thursday, which means i paid with a check, which hasn't go through yet, so instead of having $100 in my checking account, i have $40, $17 of that goes to alex's writing teacher, $15 goes to my glasses, IF they come in this week, knock on wood, becasuek my broken ones are driving me to the BRINK. Ok, so get in the van, drive to blockbuster, return the movie, on the way out of the parking lot, a semi truck pulls in. There's only 2 lanes. It occurs to me that the back of this semi is headed STRAIGHT for my van. LAY on the horn, thankfully the bonehead semi driver decided not to flatten Chloe and I today. pull out of the parking lot shaking my head in disgust... at the next red light, i go through my wallet and realize that i don't have my insurance card in there... Yikes... that could have been bad. Ok, so here i am.... 7:36 am..... hopefully things will improve!!!!! ARGH!

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teresamatz said...

um wow! I hope the rest of your day went better. Glad you weren't crushed.....