Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dr. Who

My 10yo is OBSESSED with Dr. who. Its kind of a weird thing for me, being that just about every guy i dated in high school was obsessed with, or at least ENJOYED Dr. Who. He now thinks that England must be the coolest place and pronounces "Donna" Like "Doughnut without the "t" its pretty funny :-) Its one of many "stop and think" moments i've had today. Its a crazy thing living deliberately. Like all the things I just totally took for granted or ignored before are glaring me in the face. Almost like the details all pop out there, competing for attention. So that is why i'm thinking about dR. who this morning, when i SHOULD be thinking about getting DRESSED! It amazes me all that a person takes for granted when not thinking deliberately. How easily one can fall into a trap. How difficult to tell WHO is on your side, WHO loves you and who is dragging you down.

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