Wednesday, October 21, 2009


my meds aren't working. So my dr. prescribed new ones. We shall see... i've been totally whacked out lately.. really super confused. I try to say one thing, and something else comes out. I don't know what the date is, even the month usually, and i'm having a really hard time reading people. I feel like i'm losing my mind. My dr. said it could either be the post partum depression itself or the meds i'm taking so i started on a different class of meds, the ones similar to effexor, which worked well last time, This one is called pristiq. Hoping it works, i'm really wonky lately. I'm going to try to chill out a little and not expect so much from myself, My strategy of turning my life around singlehandedly in one week isn't working so well, and i just feel like a failure at everything. Hoping today is a better day than yesterday, and tomorrow is a better day than today...

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Heather said...


I know it is really easy to get down on yourself when you have these days, but remember what I said before...take baby steps and achieve little things and don't focus on the fact that all your goals haven't been met yet. Remember that the first year with twins, though fun of course does take its toll on you physically as well as mentally. Lack of sleep, a busy life as a mom of 7, homeschooling, being a wife, preparing dinners, (the list goes on) is a lot right now and it does wear on a person! I hope your meds help, but I also know that even without meds the best of us would be a little wonky too in your shoes. I will pray that God will give you peace and calm today and that things will start to look up again.