Sunday, August 31, 2008

Here I am, Here am I

Doesn't that sound like a Charlie Crews-ism? any other "Life" fans? I adore that show... can't wait for the new season! anyway, i was up at 4:45 this am, and it now 6:06 and i'm BORED! my friends went to make breakfast for the homeless at the mission and left their 2 little ones with me. They are adorable. What a blessing to get to watch them once in a while. Its a good life. I love getting up before everyone else. I like QUIET! and maybe some quiet praise music in the background. Today i'm going to go to church, then go to the going out of business sale at the local homeschool store and buy MORE books. Already been there TWICE! LOL. I hope all goes well with Erica. She's a lovely person. Ok, i actually don't have a whole lot to say. Put THAT down in the record books!!

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