Saturday, August 30, 2008

Its all about ME!!

What a way to start a blog, right? Well, its true. This blog, is entirely about me. About my feelings, my thoughts, my concerns, good stuff i find and want to share, and my ever present philosophies of life. First an introduction, my name is Rebecca. I live in rainy paradise with my dear hubby of 14 years next month, my 5 beautiful children and no pets! I feel kind of liberated about that and had to make that distinction.

I'm starting a blog for a number of reasons but primarily because i want to be able to go back and read truths i've discovered when i'm sinking into a pit, as a way of pulling myself out. You see, i've recently come out... well, i'd not say i'm OUT but i'm in a semi-healthy state at the moment, and am at least starting to see truth as truth, and am not completely decieved as was the case a month ago. I went through a very difficult period... maybe a midlife crisis? and was in the position where i had to decide WHAT i believed and what i wanted my life to be. I think that being a fairly easygoing person, i'd sort of let my life happen without being party to it, and started to resent that and wonder where "I" was in all that... I allowed myself to go places i never would have thought possible.. i've definately been humbled. That is for sure. And i think that's a good thing.

But i basically had to ask myself a few critical questions. Is God real and do i believe what i say i believe. and the answer was a resounding YES!! So next the question was, is my life God's will for my life? Another YES! and finally, do i choose to obey God's calling for my life? Because let's face it, i'm autonomous, i can choose to live my life however i want. But i DO want to do the right thing. I've discovered i can't possibly do it on my own so i'm seeking Him and trusting that He will pull me out of the pit as he always has before i've been consumed. I trust Him. So here i am. I am first a daughter of the King, second a wife, third a mother, fourth a friend, sister, and neighbor. In all reality it ISN'T all about me, and i'm OK with that!

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