Monday, September 21, 2009

My quest for a new life!

I am on a quest to change my life. I'm taking just about everything that is wrong in my life and changing it, mostly all at once. Here's what i'm doing

- money- i'm taking the financial peace university, and HOPING to change our really realy bad money situation.

- fitness- i'm walking again, loops around the culdesac.
- diet- yeah, not so much. HOping to get to this one when i'm not so darn stressed out!

- sleep reduction- covered! thanks to my twin alarm clocks.

-getting back into the Word- Yep! doing pretty well.

-intellectual- i'm listening to Bible lessons on the MP3 player while i walk. i hope to be able to read BOOKS again soon :-)

-marriage- have committed financially and timewise to a weekly date lunch with Andy, with just he, me, and the twins. it functions as our alone time and our parent/teacher conference time :)

-homeschooling- doing REALLY well so far this week. we arent' getting EVERYTHING i have planned done, but pretty close, and we are doing WAY better than last year despite having 2 newborns so i'm pretty excited!

church- i decided i was going to FORCE myself to GET OVER the issues i have with anotehr couple in our church and start going back to sunday school classes and other stuff and not try to avoid events that they might be at, which i did last year and it was a disaster.

Mental health- taking my PPD meds and working REALLY hard to not be suicidal. This post partum period has been REALLY hard, way harder than the others, and i've been having a lot of stray thoughts i can't get rid of but dr. P. upped my meds and i'm walking to maintain my natural highs or whatever, and Andy is keeping a close eye on me and i'm trying to keep busy enough NOT to think.

What else?! i know there is more? I know it sounds like biting off WAY more than i can chew, and i'm thinking it probably is, but after 4 mos on bedrest and another 2 on restriction from my csection, i have a PROFOUND need to get my life back together. And so far its working well. If you remember, could you pray for me? because a crash and burn at this point could be disastrous. But things are going well, and i TRUST that God would not bring me THIS far just to knock me out. kwim?? Here's my progress report for the last couple weeks. i'm COOKING again! like just about EVERY night! i'M SO proud of myself about that!!! i'm having my morning bible study and walking each morning pretty consistently, shooting for 5x a week, but at least 3 times a week, including last week, which was the first week of school, so not bad. I'm actually really looking forward to my walk, which gives me some much needed adult time, me and my mp3 player. I can listen to Cindy Rushton seminars, or Bible studies, or good upbeat Christian music. Its a good thing.

Life is an adventure. and that's where i'm at now, 2 months into the twin baby experience.

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Heather said...

Kudos for taking some positive steps. ONe thing to keep in mind though, if you are failing in one of the areas at one point according to your standards, don't drop it altogether, but be content with how far you have come and ask God to help you in that specific area rather than throwing in the towel.

Also, I highly recommend two more mp3 additions...John MacArthur now posts all of his sermons FOR FREE on his webpage (Grace to You" and so you can go through any book of the Bible with him and he is an excellent teacher. Another place to get some free mp3 sermons/etc. is on And Focus on the Family has a daily broadcast that is great for MOMS!! I really appreciate the topics they address as they are so relative to raising kiddos the majority of the time.