Friday, September 4, 2009


The babies are 6 weeks old.. not exactly, just approximately. They are so precious. I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a mom of twins, though it certainly has its caveats. Namely the sleep thing. But also the constancy of our extended morning feedings. Its just really quite BORING. But i'm doing my best to stay focused and think about the positive. There's SO MUCH positive. My little Asher and Ellie are so precious. They really like me a whole lot, which is so much fun after having the last 3 who were really daddy's boy/girls These ones just adore me, in fact when i go somewhere without them, Elliott gets really fussy, he just wants to be with me, which i didn't realize would be the case when bottle feeding. We breastfeed too, but supplement with formula, which i'm finding to be incredibly convenient. I'm being careful to nurse enough to not lose my milk supply because this winter in particular they could really use the antibodies. I'm getting really good at typing with a baby laying on my chest. it amazes me that less than 2 months ago they both lived inside of me, no WONDER i was so enormous! Now i'm grappling with serious body image issues. I lost like 60 some pounds, and i have a BAD case of twin skin, and feel really droopy and unattractive. I guess that just goes with the territory, and my hormones feel all whacked out, time to up the crazy pills i think :-)

Anyway, i'm scrapping up a storm lately, check out my scrappy blog if you'd like to see what i've been making. Its such a stress reliever for me.

So let's see.. what's up with the babies? They just this last week grew out of all their newborn clothes and they wear size 1/2 diapers from costco or either 1 or 2 diapers from elsewhere... they both have these really unfortunate hairlines, they look like 45 year old men with no hair on top and fuzzy hair on the back and sides. Asher can roll from belly to back, has been for a couple weeks, and elliott can push up a LOT on my chest. I think because he's so LIGHT, especially compared to his brother! He's a fireball, he cries a lot more than Asher, and starts out in full panic mode, he doesn't work up to it, just all out WAIL from the getgo. Asher is much more laid back, he starts out like a normal baby whimpering, then slighly more, then more then WAIL! We've discovered we can't dress them the same if we want to know who they are... while we can tell them apart, we usually need to look pretty closely, so its very helpful to keep elliott in blue and asher in NOT blue.

Anyway, life is happening and i have got to run! getting ready to post more layouts to my scrappy blog.

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