Sunday, November 23, 2008


Today something cool happened! we went to church today, which was wretched... church has been rough for a variety of reasons, and then we went to costco, at which point i was in a FLAMING bad mood and had to deal with costco on top of it.. so we got the most basic of groceries... Budget is IMPOSSIBLE, but decided, that's IT screw the impossible budget, i'm buying groceries! ugg.. anyway, so we got hotdogs afterward at the lunch place there, and while we were eating an elderly lady came up to me and was like "I knew you were Christian even before your family prayed... you are so kind to your children and they are so well behaved. You really stand out and people around you are watching, and you are influencing them." I was just flabbergasted... WHAT a gift, and how i needed that kind of encouragement today!!! Totally a God thing, i must say. Its great that even when everything is completely in the pits, God will send a message that He's still there.


Klahn Family said...

And that He's still working through you, even when you don't feel it. That's the beauty of it: When we think we're doing so well and doing so much for Him, who do we give the credit to?? But when we're wallowing and struggling and He still shines through, look Who gets the credit!

Bless you!

Rebecca Kvenvolden said...

OH ABSOLUTELY!!! that never ceases to amaze me!! Sometimes i think God really needs to beat me over the head with something before I figure it out :-)