Monday, November 3, 2008


Today is a good day!! I missed my walk because Leif kept wanting to nurse and then finally got up, and by then, i needed to work on school. Dh has said its time to crack down on working a LOT more dilligently with schoolwork, so saturday we sat down and figured out how we could make the days work more manageably so i can get done the humongous amount of stuff done that needs to be done. Today is going well. A few things came up that threw off our plan, but only minor things, like that i was planning to do math first, but was unable to so now we will do it last but its only 939 and all we have left to do is history and math, so i'd say that's pretty good! Daylight Savings is working so much to our advantage! today anyway!!

I finally started reading the book "created to be his helpmeet" By Debi Pearl, which Teresa has been trying to get me to read for months... It is making SO much sense. So far i've read about how God created woman to be a helper to her husband. Which obviously is NOT a PC suggestion and one i've resisted for a long time. But the thing is, i'm a Christian woman and i believe the Bible to be inerrant. If that is so, then i must accept this concept which is WELL supported in scripture. I'm blessed also that i don't have a dh who will take advantage and abuse that. I think though that love is limited if you hold something back. To give of yourself is to give your WHOLE self, and take whatever risks that entails. I know that Andy has given his whole self to ME and i think its time i did the same. So anyway, I'm looking forward to continuing my study and learning more. Today my focus is to think of ways that i can be helpful to Andy, to think of what his perfect helpmeet would be like and to BE that person! To the best of my ability of course. So today i made us a hot breakfast and made his sandwhich for lunch. We read our Bible readings, talked a bit and i sent him off, hopefully well equipped to have a great day and to share Christ with others. I think a while back when i was trying so hard to get my mind off stuff, i was on the right track but focusing on serving others, when i should have started with the proper chain of assistance which is...

church family

First priority when it comes to serving, after God is Andy! DUH! Sometimes its hard to learn the simplest things, then you look back and it is obvious JUST how simple those things are!! Anyway, things are looking up! Please pray for me, anyone who is reading. And i'll pray for you too, whoever you may be!

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