Friday, October 31, 2008


Today was rough! Everything just sorta came together in the most difficult way possible, if that makes any sense.... And i think i'm pretty much done trying to be positive. It's not working. Life is HARD now. I want to move. I REALLY just want to move to Oregon, and then everything will be ok! But its not happening. PLUS, My children's cyber school is tightening their standards and i've been a slacker and really need to get our schedule back on track AND keep decent records which is a nightmare for me, i'm a flaky artist type. NOT an organized person. But i'm getting there, i will say that... So this weekend is going to be spent working on that, and getting the schoolroom out of the ruins of legos.

Want to join my pity trip? here's my latest scrap-therapy layout. It didn't work though... usually when i make a scrap therapy, like my miscarraige one, i immediately feel better. This one just made me feel more depressed.

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