Friday, October 3, 2008

Depression for Christians

I'm not sure anyone actually READS my blogs, other than my scrappy blog. I kind of feel like i'm talking to myself, LOL but regardless, it helps me to process information to get it down and read it. So maybe this might be encouraging to someone else and if not, it will be a good reminder to me!

Anyway, on my walk this morning, i listened to an audio seminar on depression. It was very informative, and really gave me some tools to look back to... here's what i can remember

1. keep a handy, accessable list of Bible verses that support you and encourage you. It has to be handy or you won't use it.

2. eat well, and avoid white flour and sugar as much as possible.

3. DRINK water, and avoid caffeine.

4. Exercise... like for me, since i find walking to be about the most boring thing ever, i bring my mp3 player loaded with Cindy rushton seminars! It was painful for dh to load it up for me, he was like, "you dont' want ANY music?? this is going to be the most boring MP3 player EVER" LOL!!!!! but i personally like the seminars.. do whatever floats your boat.

5. Watch for times that throw you off, hormonal times, situations, etc. and guard your heart and thoughts. Also when your kids are acting up and you feel like flipping out, stop yourself, it only makes things worse.

6. last but not least, maintain your daily time with the Lord!! regular prayer time and Bible time is ESSENTIAL. Its i think the one make or break solution. For me the only thing that really works is to get up REALLY early, otherwise my mind is just too occupied, and i can't focus. Also remember to maintain your relationship with God, Talk to Him throughout the day, aloud if you prefer. Think of how your relationship with your dh suffers when you don't talk enough... same with God!

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