Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Today i'm going to MOPS. I'm kind of nervous... i haven't been to a mops group since my church's MOPS stopped letting homeschoolers come Grr.... But Amy talked me into it, and i REALLY do need to stop being antisocial and get on with my life!!! So we'll see how that goes! I tend to not fit in very well at MOPS but this one is specifically homeschool friendly, which leads me to believe there might be others "Like" me, LOL. Anna got up at 5:30 this morning and she IS going to take a nap today, and i'm sure i'll be joining her... i feel like the walking dead this morning. I got up early and didn't even do my Bible study or walk this AM. Ugg.. i'm just drinking my homemade mocha and trying to WAKE UP. I've been working hard on my design team layouts for SXC and i'm very psyched! I'm hoping to finish up the kit today. Well, back to reality.

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