Thursday, October 23, 2008


My dad is coming to visit today. That is always really stressful. we have "issues". AND we have at least one overdraft, probably more... and i woke up this am with the sinking sensation that my blockbuster movies were overdue, so i took the girls and we returned them. OH and i got up at 8:30 today, which means i was the last one up, and the house is trashed. Did i mention i have an overnight guest coming this afternoon? So i told the kiddos, to clean up their mess, because when I went to bed last night the house was NOT trashed, so clean up their mess and i'll be hiding out in my bedroom till its done. I can't afford to be in a bad mood today because grandpa is coming and that automatically puts me in a bad mood. 2 bad moods is a bad thing. The good news is its mops moms night out tonight! woohoo! i seriously need to make some friends. i think we'll be skipping school today. Have to clean the kids bedrooms so that we can put grandpa in the girls room and the girls with the boys in their room, which will be extra easy today because alex has been sleeping on the couch since he's up so much with his sore throat. I can't believe its so bad still, its been 9 days since he got his tonsils out and he's a wreck! i totally need to find some time for my quiet time with the Lord today... usually its in the am but if i oversleep, i miss it. I need a back up plan for exercise and quiet time for when i oversleep, particularily if i am pregnant this month, which is entirely possible.. Dh and i have been getting along beautifully. :-) Somehow today i want to get my quiet time and exercise in, and i also want to get some good solid scrap time in. I totally need some stress relief!!!!

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