Thursday, October 30, 2008

Walking and ear buds.

Its been a long while since i went walking. There's been lots going on. Between my dad being here and various other issues i've been swamped. I've been continuing my study on the "tongue" NOT the "mouth" LOL! It amazes me how much God's word has to say about it. And i've really made a good effort to control my weaknesses this week. I've been working on gossiping, speaking negatively of others and particularily myself, and just being overall negative. I had NO idea how much this is an issue for me, but i see now that it is. And i'll tell you, it hasn't been easy. I did have a pity party moment tuesday. Some events transpired in which my personal business was brought to another couple who is close to us, with which i was really uncomfortable. It made me think about the original situation and think, MAN, i could have just lied. I could have just made up some whopper about the original situation, and i'd not BE in THIS ugly situation. Is honesty really the best policy? Who knows. But i'm rolling with the punches and doing my best to remain positive.

Back to the topic at hand. I went walking, and realized i'd misplaced (or they wandered off, LOL) my nice earphones Andy got me, and i needed to use my earbuds. Now one key bit of information about my ear canals are that they are really SMALL. Especially the right ear. Ear buds don't stay in. they fall right out, no matter how much I try to cram them in there! Today i was thankfully blessed with a whole lot of ear wax! So that helped! i still found myself replacing the ear buds all through my walk. But it was totally worth it to wake up to Cindy! Click on the link and check out Cindy Rushton if you are not already familiar with her. She's AWESOME! I really get the whole walking thing! If you can get past the boredom, IE. by listening to music, or Cindy or something, then walking, and the resultant endorphines are a great way to start the day! So here i am, all endorphined up, ready to start my day. Praying that we can move to oregon, and please God, no more hits! I'm fragile.

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jfixler said...

I'm curious, did you speak of your situation to no-one? Do you really think YOU are the only one hurting? Isn't there two parts to a friendship? Sometimes it's not just about you. Sometimes it's about how others have been affected by this betrayal too. Maybe you're not the only one who thinks the HITS keep on coming, and are really tired of not being able to distinguish between real friends and those who are just out to get you.