Monday, April 6, 2009

The last week's insanity

So, Last thursday, i had an alarming visit from my landlord... long story short, i told him that we were having twins, and he was NOT impressed. To say the least. I couldn't quite get out of him whether he was upset enough to kick us out, we are on a month to month lease, which means he COULD legally boot us with 20 days notice, which for us, would be instant homelessness. It sounded BAD though, so that night we went out to Round Table to let the kids play games, have pizza and have grown up discussion time/space. So we came up with a plan and decided to have Andy call our landlord Saturday... sooo... i went through all of Friday, completely freaked out and crying almost all day (can you see a theme here, NO clue what's up with all the crying) So Saturday, he called and was told in no uncertain terms that he would NEVER do that, and he was not the kind of man who would put almost 7 children out on the street (YAY!!!!) it really left me wondering WHY Andy has so much better luck talking to people than i do!! I mean, i'm the oratorically gifted one of us, NO comparison. I wonder if being female is THAT much of a liability. ANYWAY, it seems that hurdle is jumped, and we can at least move on and not worry about being HOMELESS. YAY!

So then saturday we also went to lowes and did our annual no interest, no payments for a year trip, bought some drawers for Leif and the twins, bought an AMAZING CUSHIE rug for our living room and another lamp table for the living room, then i was up till like 1230 cleaning and stuff... but our living room looks nice.

SO... next order of business, on Sunday we got to pick up our crib from Teresa in Renton! (Thanks teresa!!!!) She volunteered to give it to us when i first posted to the HSA list about how wigged out i was about the whole twin thing, and that was a NICE load off, just one less thing to worry about! not only that but its a super NICE crib, and IKEA one! LOOOVE ikea... i could totally buy all our furniture at IKEA, IF i could buy all our furniture at IKEA! LOL so that's awesome. I'm eagerly looking forward to garage sale season to seek out some baby stuff, totally pregnant at the perfect time for that, provided these little guys stay IN!

YESTERDAY was so beautiful out and today too, we actually did our schoolwork on the front lawn. I noticed it was a LOT harder to have my laying down in bed time, (a significant amount each day that i'm supposed to be doing now) So i guess i'll need to have prescribed front yard time for everyone so i can watch them and then just make them stay in the back the rest of the day that they want to be outside....

I'm having REAL issues with keeping the house clean right now.. i need to declutter BADLY, not easy right now... and NO one listens to me! i'm so grateful at the end of the day when ANDY gets home because he commands respect in a way that i don't think i ever could. I really need to work on character training before the baby comes... NOT to mention getting Leif to sleep in his OWN bed... sigh.. he's such a snugglebug...

Over and out-


Amber said...

Your life is never dull is it? Glad you don't have to worry about moving anytime soon. What baby stuff do you need? I may have a few things to pass on. Also do you need any maternity things if so I can keep an eye out for you. E-mail me I sure wish I lived closer so I could drop in like I used to for a visit.

Cassie said...

It looks like this was resolved but it is against Federal Fair Housing laws for a landlord to evict or refuse to rent because someone has children or will be having children. My dept at work deals with housing discrimination and that one is a big no no.