Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My appt today

It went pretty well! Not ALL the answers i wanted to get but overall, i'm ok with what's going down. First of all, i meet with the nurse, mostly, and she is about the sweetest person you'll ever meet, and she's so diplomatic, andy was really impressed with how she suggested i not be so confrontational in a really super diplomatic way, LOL! No, but really, she's great, and all the techs are nice and i'm getting more used to the dr. And i am fairly certain i'm staying with them at this point.

Anyway, here's what i found out.

1. vaginal vs. Csec for me will be determined by how baby "A" is positioned. If he's head down, i'm good to go. My biggest (non baby health related) fear is that i'll deliver A naturally, and then have to have a section for B! UGG. so if B is transverse or breech, that will throw a kink into my plans and i may well just opt for a section at that point, well see.

2. If i have the go ahead for a regular birth, then the only real restrictions are that i have to have an IV or an IV port, the babies have to be monitored at all times, ie, no WATER :-( and i THINK thats it... I don't have to deliver in the OR. There WILL be a minimum of 5 people present, which is a bummer but it makes sense. not ideal but i can manage.

3. Babies are looking good, both hearts still beating! one is on my left side, (B) and one is on my right.. they are both currently head down! so if they can stay put another 15 weeks or so i'm good to go :-)

So overall, a very positive experience. I feel a lot of peace about the whole thing... OH one bit of bad news. The office person that told me my 1 hour test blood sugar was fine was wrong. it was slightly elevated, so they sent me home with a blood tester, and so far so good! i just have to track my blood sugars for a couple days and call them in, which itself is a good sign, the dr. isn't making me take a 3hr test yet, so YAY!!

I think that's it! I'd totally appreciate continued prayer.. still have a lot on my mind, and i'll feel MUCH better next week after my 2 ultrasounds, vaginal and regular to see how my cervix is doing. I've been having a fair amount of cramping but its hard to tell what is normal creakyness and what is a real concern.


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