Thursday, May 7, 2009

26 weeks, 2 days!

And i'm officially measuring what i usually do in a singleton pregnancy at term :-)
my Moosey-ness is astounding, really, yet i've lost almost 25 lbs, and i'm thinking right now there's at least like 15 lbs of babies and placentae and other babymaking stuff, oh and my blood volume is supposed to be like 55% higher than usual, which i'm HOPING is what is accounting for my crazy high blood pressure! (its not high by normal human standards, but i run REALLY low, like i think the highest i've ever seen mine before was like 109/75 it's usally in the 90's over 75 and is right now 126/75 YIKES!) So i'm watching all my other stuff closely, making sure i'm not swelling up, etc.

I'm in the process of deciding whether to switch doctors or not. I found an AWESOME one, who has no problem with me laboring in water, birthing WITHOUT stirrups, and had confidence of my ability to do a natural birth. EVERYTHING seems perfect, to me, it seems like a no brainer. To andy, however, he's more hesitant. He had no problem with the doctor, although she did say the first thing she'd restrict if it looked like i was having issues with preterm labor would be SEX, which cracked me up because i KNEW it would win no points with andy :-) but he likes the other doctor a lot, despite his off color remarks during my hellish vaginal exam and my obvious need for a female doctor, for serious reasons... he just REALLY does not like the idea of switching midway through pregnancy. Honestly though, i'm on the brink and i really don't think i can deal with the fetal fibronectin test which is due 2 weeks from now, and would require that awful speculum... ugg... ok, so i need to stop stressing! Anyway, i really can't make this decision without him, and he seems to suddenly be MUTE, which for me, miss gab an hour, is like torture. WAAH! Praying that it all works out!

So, that's where i'm at. OH and i'm also contemplating cloth diapers, diaper service, how that will play out with diaper gifts i get when the babies are born, etc. Any ideas? feel free to leave a comment!

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teresamatz said...

Hey, I asked my brother about the g-diapers. they love them, but they don't work well for over nights.....