Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ultimate homeschool Expo! wooohoo!!!

Ok, i did the order with a friend last year and so totally double/tripled/maybe quadrupled my investment with all the great freebies alone, not to mention great vendor hall deals, and the massive stash of audios that i STILL haven't listened to them all! Its so totally worth the investment. I used my audios primarily to walk with in the AM. Before i got pregnant, i had built up the habit of getting up at like 6 am and walking with my MP3 player. Walking is clearly the best kind of exercise for me, low cost, low ambition :-) However, its also excruciatingly BORING! So i bought a $15 mp3 player, i bought mine at but i'm guessing you could find cheap ones a lot of places. And loaded it up with a variety of seminar topics, and each morning i'd choose one to listen to while i walked. It made the walk go much faster AND i was building not only my body, but my skills as a homemaker and homeschool mom at the same time! I also find its GREAT background for scrapbooking. I'm a scrapper and one of my biggist problems is i tend to THINK too much when i create things. Using audios on Itunes, gives my mind something to do other than over-critique my work, which any of you who scrap can certainly relate to. There comes a point where the old noggin does more harm than good! Anyway, It KILLS me that i've not bought my ticket yet, but i only have $58 in mommy homework money, and it costs $100 regular price, so i'd be writing a whole lot of mommy homework before i could get it, Sooo... anyway, i thought i'd post my affiliate links here to bless you and me both :-) Thank you in advance if you decide to use my affiliate link! And even if you don't, You must know that this is an unbeatable purchase. The regular price is $100, and you can get your tickets for only $39.95 individually, or $59.95 for two!

Order your ticket

Or better yet,

Order with a friend

OH, and if you can't find anyone to buy a ticket with you, let me know, and i'll post here and see if i can find you a partner! Buying with a friend brings the cost down to only $30, totally a steal!

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