Monday, June 8, 2009

31 week appointment!

Ok! well, today's appointment went significantly better than last weeks! First, i'm measuring 49 inches, quickly pushing me into "enormous" from just being "huge" a few weeks ago :-) Babies are now both breech, having moved from both tranverse last week. This is encouraging to me, because if they can turn in that direction, then they can turn in the other direction too! so hopefully!! they are measuring around 1600 grams, or a little over 3 1/2 lbs each. If you were not aware, 1500 grams is the "magic" point where 95% of twins born then or later survive, and 80% have no serious problems long term. VERY COOL! Not that i'm lackadaisical about making sure they aren't born too early, i'm just encouraged that they are this far. So... let's see..

I got a penis confirmation on "B" didn't happen to notice on "A" due to how he was positioned, but i'm going to assume that my old doctor, a perinatologist, can recognize a penis when he sees one and i'll continue to assume i have 2 boys :-)

So babies are looking good, they are breathing now. I need to look up and find out when they normally start breathing, but she noticed chest movement, so that is cool! good strong heartbeats, and they are roughly the same size and measuring only about 3 days further than i am instead of 5 days further, which is good since we'd really prefer NOT to have 2 10 lb babies in there :)

OH and the REALLY Good news is i'm allowed to SIT!!!! yes, she said a couple hours of laying down a couple times a day should do it and then i can SIT the rest of the day which is ROCKINGLY AWESOME, since there's SO MANY things you can do sitting that you can't do laying down. Plus it is sooooo achy laying down all day, my whole body has just been sooo sore! YAY!!!!

Thanks for your prayers!!

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Heather said...

This was the week for me when I had my twins. They were 4 lbs 1 oz. and 4 lbs 6 oz. even at this stage. Crazy, hugh? Here's to hoping you make it past me! My little guys had to stay in the hospital for 20 days, but other than being little, they were fine, just needed some extra time to develop. Best of luck...saying a prayer for you now!