Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Today's appointment- 30 weeks

Well, i just transfered over to Dr. Phoebe Ho's practice, and had my first appointment there today. It was eventful to say the least. I was having contractions ALL morning, i hit my 4th in an hour while i was being examined,and i'm supposed to rest for a long while and drink lots of water and keep an eye on how things are going, so HOPEFULLY i won't have to go to the hospital or anything... i still think i probably should have just gone in to St. Joe's ANYWAY, just to be monitored for a while and play it safe.. BUT my cervix is still high, though soft, and closed, so that's good.

ANyway, the big thing is, the twins are BOTH transverse. i knew that "B" was transverse as he's the one that's more on the outside, easier to feel movement and stuff, I think that A spends a lot of time kicking into B :-) So i asked the midwife that i saw at this appointment when the babies stop flipping around, and she said if not now, pretty soon they will be too big to move, she gave my odds of them staying that way at about 75-80% So i will probably have to have a planned csection, which is such a bummer. I really didn't want to go there. But at least i will have some notice, i can mentally prepare, which is much better than just BLAMO, Csection, NOW!

So, i'm a bit stressed.. it was a load off seeing them moving around on the ultrasound, getting to hear thier heartbeats and the weird movement i've been feeling makes much more sense now, AND i don't have to stress about whether or not to get the epidural in anticipation of her reaching in and grabbing B, which is how it usually works when the second twin is breach, but man... its still really scary to think about getting cut open like that. And my recovery time... and i never thought i'd say THIS but i'm worried there won't be enough HANDS at my house when they are born! at least helpful ones! Andy's going to take 3 weeks vacation, but STILL, i'm feeling seriously outnumbered right about now!! ugg. Just trying to remember to stay in prayer, none of this is an accident and God will make sure we are taken care of, in all ways, i'm certain; but still a little edgy, i admit.


Heather said...

Hey there,
Just wanted to let you know. C-section isn't that bad really. I recovered faster from that than my first vaginal delivery actually. There are some other plusses too. They vacuum out a lot of the blood in your uterus so you don't bleed as much afterward also. Thirdly, when delivering, it is a piece of cake, you don't have to do a thing, just lay there. And you will be surprised, there will be plenty of hands to help. The babies will sleep most of the time and your hubby can bring them to you for the first 2 weeks or so while you are recovering. Here's to hoping you can have the delivery you want, but at the same time, it isn't the end of the world if you get a C-section.

marrie said...

Hey, Dr. Ho was my doctor!

My baby A was head down but she did a breech extraction on baby B, it worked out fine! She thought she might have to do a c-section when I first wasn't progressing because their heads were locked together, but when baby b switched to breech it all worked out!