Thursday, December 18, 2008

I take it back!

Ok, so i take back that statement i made a while ago about it being easy being preggo with such good kids. UGG my place has been a MADHOUSE!! It doesn't help that i've been really really SICK! both preggo sick, and funky stomach sick and coughing sick, just all around miserable. and i totally do NOT have the CHUTZPA to make it all happen right now! i'm so hoping its mostly the external sick and not preggo sick! The kiddos are grating on me and i wish i could just get a babysitter every afternoon :-D also i'm hoping since dad went home that might help.. LOTS of stress, lots of emotional stuff.. and now the snow! worrying about andy being out in it all day doesn't help. At least i got to stay home today! Still trying to stay prayerful and focused on the task at hand, whichever one that happens to be.

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