Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Momentary lapse of judgement... its all good, i was reminded by my bf (in list form, which is so visually appealing to me!!) about what is important now and what i need to be doing and i'm going to do it.

I just lost sight of the whole point. Life isn't necessarily supposed to be easy. And let's face it, there's a LOT of people out there who have it a LOT harder than I do! And do i want to be an angry, bitter, resentful person?? HECK NO! I know that person and i do NOT want to be her. Its so easy to use anger as a cop out. And i guess coming from the background that i came from, finding a defense mechanism is first reaction. But i'm not that person anymore... prayer needs to be first reaction. So that's the primary thing i'm working on now, in addition to making my home a welcoming lovely place to be. NOT easy right now.

Oh well... please pray for me if you are reading this. Sometimes i really wonder if i have what it takes for this life.

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