Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Life and death

Yesterday one of my dh's friends from work died. He had a crazy, rapid, battle with cancer, From December-March. His name was Sivasa and he had a wife and children. Its humbling and really eye opening, since he was only 12 years older than Andy. I know its definately made Andy think. I am hoping to attend the funeral saturday with him to support him in this. Hopefully everything times out well.

Life is precious isn't it? it's all so fragile and delicate and it makes me wonder how anyone can not have a belief and faith in God, and not constantly fear getting squashed by the giant foot of life. It would just be so EASY to get your candle snuffed out in any random "accident." Though, as you might have guessed by my quotes, i don't believe in accidents. In church one week, they played a clip from the movie Signs. I love this film, and its graphic depiction of one man's struggle with faith. I find it quite realistic. I'm skimming through you tube right now trying to find it... here it is. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8ex6-mmCT4 start at 1:35
Anyway, it talked about 2 kinds of people. People who believed in miracles and people who don't. Its WELL worth a watch.

On a different but same note, I learned yesterday that President Obama lifted federal funding restrictions on EMBRYONIC stem cell research. Why did i emphasize EMBRYONIC? Because Adult stem cells offer a huge amount of promise as well, and they can be obtained WITHOUT the killing of a human being, or harvesting of human being remains (turning the harvesting of human being remains into big business, bigger than already) So WHY is it that when you hear the phrase "stem cell research" it is nearly ALWAYS referring to embryonic stem cells? Perhaps, scientists aren't happy with limitations on how they can experiment on human beings. Perhaps they simply don't CARE about human beings that are less powerful than them, less influential, NOT influential. I am convinced that our society is no different than any other that we look back and marvel at their cruelty. Nazi germany for example: Clearly, some life was more valued than other. Jews were compared to rats. Handicapped people, old people, they were all expendable. Much is the same now. I think one of the biggest categories of people under attack are preborn infants. They are human, their humanness is undeniable, once they have the genetic material that makes them what they are, its merely a spectrum of development. People are people at conception. And yet THESE particular people are not protected by law. They can be killed, even in painful and torturous ways with no consequence to the perpetrator. Women are deceived into believing that it is for THEIR benefit that abortion is available. It isn't. Its BIG money, BIG profits and the women who perpetuate this business are as much victims as the babies they (inadvertantly?) allow to be killed. Well, embryonic stem cell research is similar, it is still the blatant disregard of life, with the guise of being in support of life.

So who cares? I care, and i believe life to be precious and a gift given by our creator. I am disturbed that life is often so carelessly discarded. I'm saddened by loss of life, even when it was naturally timed. I guess, i just was pretty well absorbed by all this yesterday and was compelled to type about it.

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