Friday, March 13, 2009

Ok, so i thought i'd post here in case there are other frugal ones who go
through GOBS of diapers!! And any other MOPS gals, from my group, sorry for the repost! thought this was good enough to share on the blog too!

You can print coupons that have a special signature of some kind so that
retailers know they are legitimate and USUALLY, you can hit the back space and
reprint them ONE TIME and they will have a new legitimate signature... at its a little different, you check the coupons you want to print,
then go back to the coupon selection page, and they will be on the BACK page.
That threw me off the first time they came out! So anyway, you can do this for
each computer that you have connected to a printer. (it prints automatically so
you can't select a different printer it must be the default. ANYWAY, here's the
link for the diaper deal, i follow this gal's blog regularily, she posts
AMAZING stuff\

Now, specifically, as of yesterday i used 3 $5 off coupons at Walgreens... they
were for the gentle care diapers and my walgreens only had those in size N and
1, and while i AM expecting a newborn this summer, i REALLY needed diapers for
my toddler! so i figured i'd chance it, and the coupons DID work for the
natural care ones that came in Leif's size. The difference was really tiny, and
i figured i'd chance it, Anyway, so those are on sale for $10 each, I bought 2
packs plus a $6 pack of wipes. Then i used 3$5 off coupons that i printed out.

So here's the rundown

$20 for 2 packs of diapers
$6 for a pack of wipes

- $15 in coupons, so that's

$11 after coupons... BUT that's not all! Walgreens through saturday has a deal
where if you buy $25 (before coupons) of huggies products it will print out a
$10 voucher for next time you come in! Soo... i ended up paying $1 for 2 packs
of diapers and 1 big pack of wipes!!

Very cool huh??? If you do not have a diaper wearing child, you should totally
print them out anyway, and you could give them to someone with a diapered child
or use them to buy diapers for a shower gift, or whatever! totally worth the

Anyway, i hope this is helpful!!
God Bless you all!

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