Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My ultrasound!

Well, if anyone says that God doesn't have a sense of humor, they are sorely mistaken. Today i had my 20 week ultrasound, and immediately upon placement of the doppler thingy onto my gargantuan belly, the doctor annnounced there was 2 babies in there!!!!!

YES, you read that correctly. THey are TWINS.

And if that wasn't enough, we eagerly waited while all their body parts were measured, and sure enough, two little penises were quite prominently evident! I am not only pregnant with twins but with TWIN BOYS. Now, if that isn't twisted, i don't know what is. It just occurred to me that besides my 2 girls, i now have 5 BOYS! I'm not sure why i find that so incredibly astounding, but i DO!

So, as i try to scrape my jaw off the floor, i'm having a GOOD attitude. Twins are a double blessing. I will NOT go crazy. I WILL carry them to term and have healthy babies, i CAN do this. Right? Well i know one thing for sure, God is behind in front of and THROUGH this situation, and its NOT a surprise to HIM! So its all going to be Ok.

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