Thursday, July 2, 2009

34 week appt.

Ok, so what a frustrating appointment. First, the babies are the same as last time, A is breech, B is transverse, though B is more transverse than last time he was more vertexish, he's kind of moved up. i think hanging out on my pubic bone wasn't very comfortable for him either! Anyway, so she's fairly certain at this point that we are looking at a Csec although she won't schedule one earlier than 37-38 weeks! UGG! AND she thinks my contractions are braxton hicks, which is completely baloney. I've had 5 children, HELLO! i can tell when i'm in LABOR! and she insists that if my cervix was problematic they'd be able to find it and something would be bulging out of it, like A's bag of water or his little butt :-) eww... soooo.. after my 5 minute waste of time appointment, i'm no further than i was before. So who knows. Andy is "I told you so"ing big time about me opting to change to a more laid back doctor, and i think he's right. Oh well... at least she wants me to be stress tested on sunday, (provided i'm not in the hospital prior to then, which i'm guessing is pretty much a GIVEN at this point, since i'm supposed to go in after 2 hours of 10 minutes or closer contractions. But at any rate i'm definately mentally preparing for a Csection, which creeps me out still, but i have to admit, no 20 hour labor is very tempting. So i'm glad the decision is out of my hands, i'm not sure i'd make the "right" choice. AND i'm glad to have the time to mentally prepare. I don't do well with spur of the moment crises. Anyway, i'm trying to distract myself, hoping that it might make me less likely to go into labor? not easy on BEDREST! ugg. anyway, that's pretty much it. Thanks for reading.

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