Friday, July 17, 2009

No babies on monday.

Ok, so i just got a call from the dr's office, who just got a call from the hospital, and they've cancelled my csection. It is because she scheduled it for monday, when i'm 36 weeks 6 days, not 37 weeks. they had described me as 36 weeks 3 days yesterday at my appointment, not 36 2 as i'd described myself, which i just chalked up as a discrepancy between 2 different calculars. I mean it IS one stinking day! So... the hospital is refusing to do the surgery, since i'd be like 12 hours away from being 37 weeks, and the next soonest they have is thursday at 3 pm. Yeah, so no food or water ALL DAY. I'll probably be DEAD by then with my massive water intake needs right now. if not, i'll go into surgery dehydrated and starving. GREAT huh? Makes me want to just say, SCREW them and i'll just go into labor whenever, hope it doesn't happen to fast and the stupid hospital's extended check in procedures don't take so long as to cause damage to anyone, and just MAKE their sorry butts give me a dang CSEC. Whenever it happens!!

The dr.s office lady did say that she was going to talk to Dr. Ho and see if there's anything else they could work out, and the original monday date was actually on her lunch hour, so i'm confident that if there's anything she's ABLE to do, she totally will. So at this point, i'm not feeling the babies barely at all, all i can really do is just HOPE everything is ok, or if it isn't that my once a week NST will pick up on it! I am just SO LIVID right now, I mean for crying out loud, isn't there exceptions for high risk pregnancies?!

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Robin said...

I am so sorry you are dealing with this stress. Hopefully you will be holding your sweet babies soon.