Thursday, July 9, 2009

35 week appointment

Ok, so today was my appointment, and i arrived with a mission. To convince my Dr. that it would be best for me to have the babies as SOON as possible, specifically, next friday, the 17th. I was unsuccessful in that attempt. She said at 36 weeks 3 days she'd need specific REASON to prematurely plan a c-section. Darn. I really thought i approached that in a convincing way. So i THINK i got her to sort of agree to exactly 37 weeks on the nose which would be the Tuesday AFTER that friday that i was shooting for. My rationale behind the friday was that it would give us the benefit of the weekend, and since i'm having a Csection, i'm going to need my dh home for as long as possible on a LOT Of levels. But i would still rather have them the tuesday after rather than 2 weeks from friday, namely because Leif's bithday is on the 28th and i'd like to be at least moderately recovered by his birthday, like i don't want to be coming out of the hospital the day BEFORE his birthday, and i think the chances of my body waiting till after are minimal.

So anyway, back to the appointment. My uterus is measuring 53 cm, 2 more than last time, and the babies are both transverse... they kind of have their own diagonal half of the uterus, and their heads are surprisingly close togther. They weigh about 6 lbs and 6 1/2 lbs respectively. NOW, the troubling thing about their heads, is she was moving the wand along my belly saying "here's a head, and here's a head, and here's a head. And i was like WAIT a minute, that was 3 heads!! WHY do my babies have 3 HEADS????? There is still just 2 BABIES, RIGHT?!?!?!?!?! and she very hesitantly said "Yes....." and i was like WHOA, you are so not filling me with much confidence with THAT "Yes..." So she looked around more and determined that she was seeing A's head from 2 opposite sides of the uterus. We THINK. So in all likelyhood, there IS just 2 babies, but if they find another one in there later, i would not be ENTIRELY surprised, though i still think i would completely freak out. 2 babies at once is crazy enough. Another thing is they seem to be hanging out only at the top of my uterus which is weird. The placentas are at the top, so its not like they are blocking the bottom off, so i'm a BIT concerned about THAT turn of events, but i'm trying not to stress about it especially since i have enough to stress about as is. Right now the combination of waking up stressed about some element of the coming birth, and the EXCRUCIATING hip pain that i get during my 1 3 hour stretch at night when i don't have to pee, is getting me up REALLY early, and i'm tired and cranky and really really sore all over ALL the time.

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marrie said...

hahahha gotta love Dr. Ho! She made that confused face and answered with hesitation all the time, LOL...The nurses at the hospital said she's really bad about that! She's great though, I love her.

And,she delivered my twins at 36 and 1 day, and they spent 9 days in the NICU, after she told me they should be fine, so she maybe remembers and wants to be on the safe side...She felt really bad when I was crying because they couldn't come home with me. Not that it was her fault, but she felt bad that she told me 36 weeks was "term" with twins and it wasn't the case for me.

I bet you are so excited though, getting close!