Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Ok, so can i vent a minute?!?! I just bought a couple bundles from the TEACH conference I went to last night,http://www.teachersbookshoppe.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=122_94&products_id=351 and http://www.teachersbookshoppe.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=122_94&products_id=354 i LOVE her materials, and i could use pretty much any of them so i chose 2 that had the most "ACTUAL" books in them. While i don't NORMALLY **HATE** ebooks, i also tend to not actually USE them. I'm a "cuddle up and read a book with a cup o' cocoa" NOT a veg out on the computer and read off the screen kind of person. I have TRIED to resist that, and i'm coming to terms with this just being WHO i am! PLUS, with the ebooks, you have to search for them on the computer, rather than tripping over them in your living room :-) PLUS with ebooks, you have the expense of printing them out, having them bound, and the TIME involved to do all that. And typically, ebooks are close enough to retail to not even come close to covering the cost of ink, paper, UPS store binding, and the gas to drive them there! So when given a choice, i choose REAL books. But being bound and DETERMINED to atually make some CHANGES in our house, i'm completely bent on getting these bundles printed and USABLE! SO, today i was all set to print out the Character bundle ebooks then i'm going to have them bound together into one book, because it will be larger and sturdier that way, i won't seperate or lose the individual books. Well, i'm making lunch, and it takes me a while to get back to the computer to flip over the pile of papers and so i do, finish lunch and come back to find it printing gibberish, all over the PERFECTLY PRINTED FRONT SIDE!!!!! ARGGGHGHGHGHGH! My stupid printer does that if i take too long to get to it! so i had to trash the whole endevor and start over again! AND i'm on my last 2 inks, AND who knows if this one will actually work or if the dumb printer will feed 2 pages instead of one and the page numbering will be all wrong. THANK GOODNESS Lorrie's ebook pages are NUMBERED! Seriously, if any ebook authors are reading, PLEASE, for the love of ALL that is HOLY, number your pages!!!!! It may save my life :-) Or at least my sanity.

WHEW!! it looks like the Character bundle printed out successfully. NOw i'm off to start all over with the cooking bundle! Wish me luck. My rope is getting SHORTER! and i really want to get this done, and hopefully brought to the UPS store to bind today! ARGH!

Please forgive my woefully poor grammatical and spelling skills.. i know my tense doesn't match up at all, and i'm typing with PASSION. Becuase there's very little more frustrating than TOO MANY THINGS to do and a printer thats obviously POSSESSED!

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