Thursday, January 1, 2009


OH my gosh, if you have NOT seen this movie, you have GOT TO! I dont' say that often, but this is an absolute MUST SEE! I am almost a little offended that they would make a movie of my story without even telling me (wink) but i'll get over it... Seriously, i could relate SO MUCH to this film it was truly scary. I Think it was really thereputic for dh and I to see it because it really showed what was going on with me, since our latest issues tended to manifest themselves mostly with me being the wrong-doer. We have been on the mend for 2 and a half months now, and things are going well, but its been a long, hard road. Its still really hard for me to see what is TRUE, when so much has been turned upside down in my life, sometimes its hard to know who your real friends are. Sigh... anyway, even if you do NOT have marraige issues, TRUST Me, see this movie!!!!!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

DH and I went and saw that the very day it came out b/c I was so excited about it :) I really enjoyed it a lot. We have never had "problems" but you're's still a good movie and makes you think about loving your spouse in a more selfless manner b/c I'm sure we ALL need to do a better job at that! lol.

You have so many blogs I couldn't decide which one I should comment back on! lol. How neat that our pregnancies are only a week apart! I will definitely look into that combo. I have been lucky enough to keep most everything down, and just puke here and there mostly, but I'm just at that really nauseus about-to-puke stage ALL day every stinks!

Rebecca Kvenvolden said...

LOL!! hey you!!! i hope you are feeling better!

YEah, i think it really covered the idea of a "covenantal" marraige vs. a "contractual" marriage. that's the biggest thing i got out of it, and what a difference those two things are!