Monday, January 5, 2009


And i am GOING to have a good attitude about it!!!! Normally, my birthday is kind of a depressing time. I always end up thinking about my MOM, and that sucks. But THIS year i'm determined that NO one is stealing my joy, and that's that!! Andy is taking me out for dinner somewhere NICE on wednesday, which is LOGOS day, woohoo! so the kids will all be occupied except for Leif, who will just tag along and eat steak with us :-) here's my plans for the week...

Monday- getting back on track with school and we are doing an extra long day since tomorrow is MOPS and we will miss our whole morning schedule.

Tuesday- MOPS! WOOHOO! the highlight of my month, HOPING i'm not too sick to go, i Loooooooove MOPS!!!

Wednesday, my magical day of turning 33! Dinner with my love and my monkey

Thursday- Hm... that's awfully far into the week to know what i'm going to be doing by Monday! BUT i AM going to Starbucks in the evening for GIRLS NIGHT wooohoo!

Friday- Ditto, but regardless, it will be a good day because its FRIDAY!

NOW, i seem to recall this being a BUSY week, so i'm sure there's a ton i'm missing, but that's ok!

NEXT week is what i'm REALLY psyched about. I'm going to a seminar Monday night with Amy! WOOOHOO! girl time!!! And its a Lorrie Flem seminar! I attended the one she offered in November, which was AWESOME. I find her enthusiasm about homemaking and mothering to be infective, and it goes without saying that I REALLY could use a good positive infection right now. The last seminar was so much fun, it was like a retreat from everyday "blah" and I left feeling like i really COULD do this momentous job that has been placed in front of me. Now, being a true blue procrastinator, i STILL haven't implemented my new TO DO notebook idea, but I
WILL... someday. :-) So anyway, She has free goodie bags if you are among the first to register and last time they served the most decadent BROWNIES... yumm.. and she has a few tables set up so you can see her products in person, which I certainly appreciate! AND it is all completely FREE!!! Like truly, absolutely free, which is amazing! here's a link if you are in the seattle area


Lorrie said...

That was such a fun comment! I am looking forward to it too. See you there.


Colleen said...

Well, Happy Birthday Week and I'm glad you sound like you're going to have a good one! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

congrats becca!!!!

how many 21? You don't look a day older than that.

-- dalis