Monday, January 12, 2009

one of THOSE days...

Sigh... it is DEFINATELY one of THOSE days. I'm queasy, not quite ready to lose my breakfast yet, but definately walking sloooowly... The only 1 of the 3 who do spelling could find their spelling books today, we could find NO sharpened pencils so everyone is usign pens, Leif unwrapped all the toilet paper and decorated the hallway with it, the rest of the house looks like a tornado went through it... The SCHOOLROOM looks like nuclear holocaust. literally, looks like someone took every game, dumped it, took every bin, and dumped it! Its INSANE. It is completely testing my resolve to NOT scream at everyone ALL DAY! My 10 year old is insisting he CAN'T read, and he CAN! my 7yo is not sounding out words but using the pictures as clues, my 5yo is SCREAMING when she gets frustrated with any little thing, and my 13 year old JUST found his spelling book. AND its only getting worse from there, because there is going to be NO television or computer games until that schoolroom is spotless and the living area is navigatable, which is going to put everyone in some seriously bad moods. Poor dad is going to be stuck dealing with them all tonight, when i skip town with AMY, (CALGON, take me away!!!)

Sigh... WHY do i do this?! Someone tell me its WORTH it?!

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