Monday, January 26, 2009

Lord of the rings? Witchcraft?

I just read, well, skimmed through, kind of rushing through some computer time while i eat lunch, a really neat article about Lord of the Rings and if its OK, for Christians. This is good food for thought. I have to admit, i've not given it much thought before. Maybe its because I never got around to watching those films myself, and myself am more into "futuristic" type Sci fi, like Back to the future, the time machine, etc. But i've always taken for granted that LOTR was a "good" kind of magic type thing, (LOL, aren't I articulate??) kinda like Chronicles of Narnia. Well, this article really places the question in one's mind, is it so?

I know i am pretty strict with my family about occult and witchcraft. I got an eye roll from a friend this summer for mentioning that we don't allow "dragon tales" and the like for our kids. Do I think that by watching "Dragon Tales" that my children are going to become flaming Wiccans? No! I think in a way, its harmless kid stuff, but in a different way, its contributing to a formation of an attitude that magic is ok, and occult is ok. So THAT to me, is not worth it, especially since the benefits of such a show are so MINUTE that its not even worth consideration, imo. There are PLENTY of time suckers on television for my children to watch that aren't occult based. I mention all that, because i know i have a tendancy to be EXTREME and i try to mitigate myself some, so that i don't lose sight of the big picture, and to just maintain a healthy balance.

Anyway... i think its good for Christians to step outside the box a little and explore new ideas, and this one struck me as interesting and one worthy of sharing.

Blessings to you all!

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